Newborn Session

What to expect

A newborn session can take 3-4 hours, we won’t rush at all and simply follow baby’s lead! We will spend lots of time simply soothing and snuggling your little one, so feel free to bring snacks, a book, or take a doze. It is very important to remember that your baby will not perform on demand, experience has shown if you start stressing about the baby not settling, the baby will pick up on it, so please come along, chill out and relax! Oh, and make sure you let Dad know it will take this long!

Play and interact with your awake baby lots in the time leading up to your session. We want baby to be nice and sleepy during the session, not ready to play!

A baby with a full tummy is a happy, sleepy baby, please be prepared to feed baby a few times during your session.

Bring some extra wipes and burp cloths, and maybe even a spare shirt as almost all parents get peed or pooped on during a session. It’s hard to avoid with a naked newborn around!

The room will be nice and toasty warm, as we want baby to be comfortable enough to sleep in the nude. You may want to dress in ‘light’ clothes, so as not to get too hot yourselves and stay comfortable. I use a heat pad and hot water bottle on my posing bean bag to ensure your naked baby doesn’t feel too exposed being naked. I also use ‘white noise’ as background noise as a way of settling baby, this has proven to be a great comfort for newborns.

I am a mum myself, and will at all times have your baby’s safety and comfort as paramount. When you baby reaches that deep sleep cycle, I will be able to position him into various poses to achieve maximum cuteness! Please jot down a list of newborn poses or shots that you’d like to have with your baby, but remember that we will follow the lead of the baby. Not all babies like certain poses, but I promise we’ll do the best we can!