Recent Work

Giuseppe {Day 11}

Totally smitten with this little guy. He arrived, had a quick feed and then lay back and let us do whatever we needed to do, he was super relaxed.

Ava {Day 8}

Beautiful Ava was so tiny but already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger. Its so lovely seeing Dad’s that smitten with their babies.

Léna {Day 9}

Beautiful little poppet Léna was amazing, she flew through her session and was happy and super relaxed throughout. I was totally smitten with her hair, her cheeks, her lips, her long eyelashes – just perfect!

Luca {9 months}

This little man was back. He was absolutely delicious during his session, teething with bright red cheeks and a bit of dribble! A whole heap of fat rolls and the biggest smile ever.

Harvey {Day 7}

Check out this cute little munchkin – Harvey (day 7). Such a fantastic session with this sleepy little one. Its uncanny just how alike he looks to his big brother Toby (2.5 years).